My first site home page

My first design for the Earth Observing System Project Science Office at NASA. 

Dpt of Anthropology (Univ. Geneva) circa 1993

My very first website was the Dept. of Anthropology of the University of Geneva in May 1993, which turned 20 this May - gee, I’m not getting any younger :/

I was doing my PhD at the time and was part of a reflection group on the possible usage of multimedia computers for teaching and research at University. Every section of the Science faculty was represented, and I was standing in for Biology. CERN also took part of the workgroup, and it’s during one of our meeting that I met Tim Berners-Lee after he introduced the concept of the World Wide Web… the following year I compiled and installed my first web server (httpd) on the lab’s Sun Microsystems workstation.

Soon after I launched my first website:

1993 Dpt of Anthropology's homepage (Univ. of Geneva)

Netscape Navigator launched the following year (1994) and giving us white backgrounds by default around version 4. Before that the default background color was gray. 

The Dpt of Anthropology’s website still exists and appears in the Wayback Machine late 1996.

First iteration of my site. Though not the the first site I ever made, it is none the less a ‘first website’.

Still living at:


I’m a full-time developer now, as well as designing and developing freelance, but in 2005 I built my first website: a photoblog called Feenster. A flat page of which is saved for posterity at:

Brian Feeney

Lucas Varga 2003

Ten years ago, in 2003, I published my very first web portfolio, of course in Flash, and with music! Please, take a look, and if you please, visit my 2013 web at Without doubt, the old one is the better!


Red Eye’s Java Shop

A screenshot of my first website: hope your eyes don't bleed!

I’ve made a lot of websites over the years, but this is my first one, from 1996. It’s really awful! Netscape Navigator helped me to make this HTML 3.2 site. Enjoy!

My High School Swimming Site in 2000 that We Created

Don’t ask me what skateboarding had to do with swimming.